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The following are overlanders whom we have either met or heard of on our travels and whose sites/contacts might be of interest.


Appropriately at the top. We've met some pretty amazing people on our trip but these guys are standouts! Candelaria and Herman Zapp have been travelling for over 12 years in a vintage 1928 American Rolls Royce. Their 4 kids (oldest 9, youngest 3 years ) were all born  on the trip..The youngest  Wallaby was (of course!) born down under  at Newport Beach near our house amazingly enough! Their book "Spark your dream" is  available via Amazon. Incredible!  



Liesbeth & Micko form Rottnest WA who drove their trusty landcruiser from WA to the Netherlands in 2009/10, & they're already planning their next trip the same destinations but via Pakistan & Iran this time.

Robert  on a Honda 750 motorbike


Fritz and Arthur driving a '79 Mercedes campervan from Austria to Asia. Contactable via email: and

Wolfgang, Verena (& Apollo the BIG dog!) travelling from Austria by a Unimog truck, via Iran and Pakistan, returning via China. 


Jeff & Juliet Travelling by Mazda -Camper


Roy & Michelle  Travelling by  Landrover -Camper

Canada (French) and France:

Elisa and Jac in a Toyota landcruiser


The French seem to really keep it in the family! In Nepal we met a couple with 4 kids who've been "on the road" 3 years!

http://famileverney.uniterre.comr (an amazing family travelling with 3 kids and a dog!)

Jean-Luc & Nathalie & Nicolos, Cylia, & Mattieu


Marc and Mathias travelling in their VW Transporter from Germany to Australia.

Carina, Michael & Roxy

Heinz Stucke - an amazing man who has been overlanding  by push bike for the last 40 years and is in the Guiness Book of Records as the world's most travelled person!!

Tony who left Germany in 2002 when he was 75 is at 84 this year the oldest overlander travelling in his own vehicle (a Mercedes transport van - 700,000 km covered  so far )  who we met  in Malaysia - see our previous site.  Sadly we lost his details when our laptop was stolen in Thailand. We'd love to get in touch with him so if anyone who reads this has met him please send us his details. He receives email via his brother in Munich. 

Kari & Walter  911 Mercedes truck

Thomas & Christin Volkswagon camper


We met Zita & Arpi in Pakistan, a young couple from Hungary spending  their honeymoon cycling around the world. Please see their site


We were very excited to hear of our first Indian overlanders!  Justin and Ashlesha are doctors who raised money for UNICEF driving their Porsch 911 from the UK to India.


Helen & Nick driving from Ireland to Australia by motorbike.


We met Ko Nagai and Hideki Yamamoto from Japan in Lahore. They are driving a 1968 Datsun from London to Japan. 



Adnan Osman a retired teacher from Malaysia aged  70 years is cycling the 20,000km from Kuala Lumpur to London to attend the 2012 Olympics, raising money for Malaysian Aids charities. We met Adnan in Pakistan and he was a total inspiration! 

 The Netherlands:


Leon and Claire from  Holland travelling  in their landrover. 

New Zealand:

Kylie: (Cyclist)


Mike BMW Motorbike


Roman is travelling from Switzerland in a 75 series Toyota Landcruiser.  He came via Pakistan & Iran and plans to leave via China. 

Mark & Anita on a BMW Bike driving to India 

Ulla & Kari Mercedes camper

Fran & Fabian  Drove a Toyota bus from Switzerland to South  America contact on

Amazingly this guy actually made it through Myanmar!!!! This s allegedly impossible but he did it. How???? $$$$$$ would be my guess but who knows!!!!


Penny Shepherd her husband Brian and their 3 dalmations set of from the UK in 2007. When they hit Cochi India and were unable to find a vet they set up their voluntary animal centre which has been doing great work to date. Sadly Brian passed away last year. Please see Penny's site below for details of the great work she's doing. She's always keen to add to her team of volunteers - no experience needed just a love of animals.  

Kathy & Bernard` - Amazingly Kathy is registered blind!! Her & Bernard  are travelling by BMW Motorbike

Tim Hobin & Facebook

Charlie & Nina  and  Andy Pag - in a  Mercedes school bus driving around the world using only bio- fuel.

Rose & Dave and their truck Nessie:

Tim from England is cycling around the world from  the UK to Sri Lanka and back. See his site:


At the other end of the scale from us paupers check out this top end adventure:

 Commercial Overlanders & other useful sites:

Odyssey (Pete & Tim) Drive UK to Australia and South Africa

BOA Overland Ben drives all over India/Nepal & Bangladesh

Dragaman - drive from Europe to Australia

Toyota spares parts: Irwin & Dilip